Secure Key and Network Management

OmniCrypt™ Key Management Center (KMC) and Security Module Programmer (SMP)

All secure networks are built autonomously by the customer using the Key Management Center running on a computer with no external connectivity. The long-term encryption keys are generated automatically from random 'white noise' in the tamper-proof Security Module Programmer.

These long-term keys are securely stored in Security Modules (SMs), which are inserted into the encryption devices by the customer. Once installed, short-lived secret session keys for encrypting the communication are generated from the secret long-term keys, and used only once.

OmniCrypt™ Security & Network Management Center (SNMC)

The OmniCrypt™ Security & Network Management Center makes it possible to extend a network by means of secure online key updates, without physically distributing additional long-term keys. The procedures used in this process do not permit the reconstruction of any long-term or session keys.

OmniCrypt™ Management Solutions

  • Segregation of duties: key generation and management
  • Flexibility: easy creation of key networks
  • Emergency planning: speedy implementation of important updates
  • Maximum security through physical, purely random key generation
  • Time and cost savings, increased security through secure remote maintenance