A Highly Secure Solution For Sharing and Storing Sensitive Information

Effective and Lasting Protection Against Unauthorized Access

Confidential diplomatic dispatches, strategy papers, employee and customer data, business results in advance of the press conference: a great deal of confidential information exists in companies, government offices, ministries and other organizations. It is often classified and intended only for a restricted audience. Consistent prevention of information leaks demands not only appropriate staffing and organizational measures, but also a highly secure collaboration solution for the storage and exchange of confidential information, messages, contacts, and appointments.

In spite of meeting the highest security standards, OmniSafe in no way restricts users’ work procedures, thanks to its simple, intuitive user interface.


  • Highly secure collaboration for all classification levels (internal, confidential, top secret)
  • Time savings thanks to flexibility
  • User acceptance thanks to familiar use of a browser
  • Separation of business and operational data
  • Solution under full customer control
  • Time and cost savings through highly secure remote maintenance