Convergence of Efficient, Encrypted Voice Communications

Secure Mobile Solution – Communicate Securely While Travelling

Public mobile and wireless networks are insecure. Mobile voice and data information can only be prevented from being intercepted, manipulated, or abused as a means of infiltrating the communication system, if it is highly securely encrypted, and both created and transmitted using protected devices. The Omnisec Secure Mobile solution performs precisely these tasks. This easily implementable solution allows government organizations and companies to exchange classified voice and data information up to the highest classification level – absolutely securely – over modern mobile and wireless networks worldwide.

Secure Telephone Solution – Classical Analog Telephony

The analog phone is the world's most widely tapped medium. And yet it would be so easy to communicate via the telephone network in strict confidence: the Secure Telephone Omnisec 222 developed by Omnisec includes a powerful and flexibly configurable end-to-end voice encryption system. If both parties use this secure device instead of their normal phone, the risk of eavesdropping is eliminated once and for all.

OmniCrypt Voice Family

  • Highly secure communication solutions for all classification levels (internal, confidential, top secret)
  • Encrypted voice communication over any type of network
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Simple operation
  • Globally deployable
  • Solutions under full customer control
  • Time and cost savings through highly secure remote maintenance